Defjam Presents: OHNO – Sunshine In A Bag EP 

From dealing with so much trauma to being firmly in control of his future, OHNO is ready for the next step with his EP “Sun

OHNO is a 24-year-old rapper, out of Los Angeles, who focuses on the calm, and the happy, as opposed to the b#######, that comes with life. He’s been through a lot and seen a vast spectrum of experiences that have made him into the creative that he is today. Born in Anaheim in 1996, OHNO’s childhood wasn’t an easy breeze. His father left the family when he was eight years old, leading to his mother having to do whatever it took to support her family.

This included selling drugs, which kept her away from her kids, and her kids either living with family or friends. Every few months, they’d be in basements, cars, houses of family members, and more—just doing what it took to move forward.

When he was 12 years old, OHNO’s mom got deported from the United States for being what’s called a “coyote”—or someone who smuggles people into the United States from Mexico. This led to OHNO and his siblings going to live with his aunt, and then OHNO getting kicked out for getting in trouble at just 14 years old. Through the pain and trauma, OHNO turned to music. When he was in elementary school, he was inspired by Chris Brown’s dancing and singing to dream about performing—even going so far as keeping a notepad where he’d jot down rap lines and potential dance moves that he’d practice.

He’d also listened to everything from CIara and Gang Starr, to Debbie Deb, Zapp and Roger, Metallica, and a vast variety of music from both today and yesterday that define his approach to music today. At 14, having already recorded his first song at his aunt’s house on a $100 USB microphone cord, OHNO went to Los Angeles to act on his already festering love for music.

He’d already been out there for a couple of years with friends, skateboarding and making songs inspired by what he’d been hearing in various households. But once he got kicked out, that’s when things started to get serious.

He found a place in Watts and started to seriously record music. Around this time, in 2014, OHNO found his first rap moniker: Relevant. He was a part of a collective called “Atlast” that focused on making boom-bap rap. He released his first project, The BurgundyandChips & Hennessythat year. But after a while, he realized the scope of his vision over the course of a couple of years, through projects like the ClubandBirthday Present, and realized that he wanted to make bigger records outside of the scope of that particular sound. And so as he found a fanbase in boom-bap, he alienated it to pursue a new creative vision, losing some of his built supporters at the time.

But upon pursuing the new aesthetic, they returned—and then some. Now, OHNO’s at the top of his game, making the music he wants, and, after eight total projects so far, finally comfortable and preparing for the next step. He’s in the middle of recording a multitude of singles, to continue building and shaping the fanbase that has remained loyal and keeps growing. Within the next year, he wants to drop an album full of the best work that he’s ever done. From dealing with so much trauma to being firmly in control of his future, OHNO is ready for the next step with his EP “SunshineinaBag” out June 10th, 2022