Diabolic Releases Talib Kweli Diss Track “IneKwelity” (AUDIO); Kweli Responds


(AllHipHop News) Back in April, Diabolic and Talib Kweli got into a heated exchange on Twitter over white rappers and racism.

The argument was the byproduct of another back-and-forth between Remedy and Kweli over the Wu-Tang Clan affiliate questioning the Brooklyn emcee if he was “pro black, racist, or both.”


In response to his online conversations with Remedy, Diabolic, and also R.A. the Rugged Man, Kweli penned an essay titled “When ‘White Fragility’ Affects Rappers” about the situation and his views on white members of the Hip Hop community.

The Medium.com op-ed included the “Get By” rhymer writing:

[White people’s] Hip-Hop pass does not entitle you to intentionally participate in the silencing of black people who express black pain. This pass does not mean you no longer have the ability to say or do racist things. This pass does not mean that when you do engage in the silencing of black people, that you won’t be checked.”

The article also included Kweli addressing Diabolic directly:

If we are all in this profession together, we are supposed to show respect for our peers. If I’ve never met another rapper, I’m not going to troll him on Twitter. Even if I disagreed with something he tweeted, I would address it privately. Even if I felt the need to address publicly, I would do so with respect. Diabolic failed to do any of this. In the face of Diabolic’s blatant disrespect, I respectfully asked him to prove his accusations, more than once. Just like Remedy, he refused to, because he could not. They were lies.

Diabolic has now answered Kweli in the new diss record “IneKwelity.”

The song borrows from the hook of “Definition,” a song by the Talib Kweli and Mos Def group known as Black Star.

In addition, the track includes Diabolic responding to many of the points Kweli made in his Medium.com essay.

The Fightin’ Words album creator takes aim at the quality of Kweli’s recent music and supposedly bankrupting Rawkus Records as well.

“This entire thing is laughable to me and is why I chose to put it on record. The article in and of itself is proof of what I initially said, it’s all a generalization,” states Diabolic. “He took two guys who don’t know each other, put them together, and categorized them by the color of their skin. Could you imagine if I did that to him, the conversations we’d be having?”

The New York native adds, “I have thick skin, so after sitting with it for a couple days, I opted to abstain from giving this fuccboi a deserved ass whooping, and decided to do what I do best, and took it to wax to even the playing field. But lyrically the playing field between us could never be equal, hence the track title.”

Listen to Diabolic’s “IneKwelity” below.


Talib Kweli has responded to Diabolic’s diss record on Twitter. Read his tweets below.