DJ Genius Explains How He Made “A Eastside Story”


Jamaica-born, Atlanta-bred Genius released the full version of his albumEastside Story: Deluxe Edition. DJ Genius made the album with newcomer Felipe, thanks to the pair’s chemistry in the studio.

“Felipe is my good friend and a young artist who I had been working with,” explained Genius. “He captures what is going on in his life growing up and living on the east side of Atlanta. We meshed together our stories from two
different perspectives growing up in the same place.”

The project includes features from K Camp, Que, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Mr. 2-17, K-Noe, Rich Espy, T-Hood, Coca Vango, Scotty ATL, and Two-9.

“This LP is a compilation of experiences I had growing up as an adolescent in the Stone Mountain/Decatur area of Atlanta, going away to college, and then moving back to the Eastside. Each track describes a certain time or
state of mind I was in during my story,” said DJ Genius.