Dobey Dobe Comes Out with a Breath-Taking Music Video From His Latest Album 2 Week Notice

Some day Dobey Dobe wishes to collaborate with Ab-soul and open a show for J.Cole.

For an artist to whom music has been a lifeline since the time he knew life, coming out with a 14-song album in this era of singles is the most natural step in moving forward in his music career. 

Dobey Dobe is out with his latest album titled 2 Week Notice and has also released its first music video, “Showers”, on his YouTube channel. The video shares a very relatable story of what a “2 Week Notice” literally means in the current scenario for people – that of leaving their job. Even though the number talks about that time duration when one goes through the motions of daily life being unfulfilled, it also gives hope in terms of finally making an agreement with oneself to break a pattern that was not serving you and choosing happiness. The theme of this song and the entire album overall is such that listeners are able to fully relate to the storyline. 

In today’s times, when people are stuck in a repeating situation that keeps them in a loop of unhappiness, serving a 2 Week Notice period becomes that transition that helps them see the light after those days, and then finding happiness in the new life becomes a tad bit easier. Giving the audience this kind of theme to relate to, in music with vibes going in sync along the lyrics has been one of the biggest aspects of Dobey Dobe’s success in the Pacific Northwest in recent times. 

The talented artist himself takes inspiration from the kind of music that moves him. In following his ear and internal compass, he writes either in his free time or on the spot at the studio to later mix the record. He finds music from his soul to create masterpieces that complement the way he naturally talks. The exceptional music that he has been creating in recent times along with the songs in his latest album are all true to life. The vibe of the songs may vary but the feelings are always relatable and that is why Dobey Dobe and music are becoming a craze these days among audiences. 

The singer intends to expand the impact of his music to the world and wants his name everywhere. And going by the kind of art he has been creating, he certainly is going to go places. Much like how he moved to Long Beach, California from his hometown in Phoenix, Arizona to pursue music during the initial days of his career. Some day Dobey Dobe wishes to collaborate with Ab-soul and open a show for J.Cole. The journey to greatness has been great till now and will only get stronger for a singer for whom music has been everything. 

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