Domino Unites With Snoop Dogg On “Baby So West Coast”

Long Beach OG Domino is back with some help from rap legend Snoop Dogg on the new slapper “Baby So West Coast.”

Long Beach California OG DOMINO has linked up with his neighborhood homeboy Snoop Dogg to celebrate and pay homage to women worldwide with West Coast characteristics in their hot new single “Baby So West Coast” via OG Music Group.

Fusing 90’s nostalgia with 2020 flow, “Baby So West Coast” teases what summer should’ve been had ‘rona not entered the chat. Basking in refreshingly confident sass, this record brims with an intoxicating flow coupled with a true assortment of sophisticated percussion and street swag, making it bound for playlist staple status.

Having an appreciation for women in every shade of color, every shape and walk of life, “Baby So West Coast” has been created to bring attention to not only women stationed on the West Coast, but for all women that possess the qualities of a West Coast woman — no matter if she’s corporate, hood, conscious in the way that she thinks and takes care of herself. 

A go-getter, down for her city, down for her people, resilient, full of ambition or the ones that simply know how and when to keep it real.

In the world of Hip-Hop, DOMINO is a name synonymous with a pillar of the community. 

Renowned for first pioneering the melodic style of hip-hop which earned him recognition as not only the first artist to simultaneously hold three #1 spots on the Billboard Charts using this style of rap on his smash hit single “Getto Jam,” but would also become the first West Coast Artist affiliated with Def Jam to reach #1.