Drozdov, A Successful Tattoo Artist, Conquers The Hip-Hop Charts

A well-known tattoo artist in the USA gained popularity from the very first steps in the music industry

Creative people never standstill. They are thrown like a sliver in waves across the ocean of inspiration. Therefore, they are always ready for experiments and new achievements. The talented thirty-year-old Vladimir Drozdov was born in Ukraine, but has been successfully working in California for many years. In America, his name Drozdovtatoo is known to everyone. He is known as a successful and creative tattoo artist. Drozdov is invited to paint various Art objects of contemporary art, create an original sketch of a tattoo, etc.

Drozdov lives by his hobbies – art, tattoos, architecture, and now also music. The first steps in the musical field have already brought him popularity as a performer and attracted the attention of colleagues.
Vladimir was fond of hip-hop all his life, he listened to Post Malone, Travis Scott, Young Thug, as well as Junior Choi, Swae Lee. The young artist set himself the goal of reaching the level of his favorite artists and confidently broke into the top music charts.

Drozdov and his team in California and Asia together write music that has already captivated thousands of people with its unique sound and unusual rhythm. One of their first projects was “ЯD”. It was recorded on the island and became the new modern incarnation of hip hop style. For people familiar with Drozdov work, this is not just music, it is a vibe that shows life as it is.

The following musical compositions “Usd” and “Sps” also won the love of the public and brought the artist fame in the music industry. Drozdov immediately received an offer to work together from the already existing musician. According to Vladimir himself, this is his first musical work of this level, but he has no doubts about his success.

Talent and an unusual vision of the world are noted by many famous people, his victories in various creative competitions are always bright, original, and always attract attention. The musician does not look into the future, he lives for today and sees life as it is. In his songs, Drozdov talks about himself, about his victories and achievements, and about the difficult path to success. The young artist himself is a reflection of his life, ideas, and creativity. His appearance, his work, and his music speak of what he saw and where he traveled.

For Vladimir Drozdov, music is another step towards becoming oneself, another way of self-expression. Drozdov radiates positive, life, and inspiration boil in him. The artist believes that the next step will be projects related to the cinema. Drozdov is one of those people who are changing the world. His image, life, and works bring something new, bright, and unusual to the world. His charisma makes people follow him. With his songs, the musician urges not to lose heart, to go forward with a dream, and never give up.