ESSO’s Top 10: The Top Artists To Watch in October 2023

Esso’s Top 10 brings you the hottest rappers in the U.S for October 2023. These artists have been making waves with their unique styles, powerful lyrics, and chart-topping hits.

Welcome to “Esso’s Top 10,” where we dive into the dynamic world of rap music and spotlight the hottest talents making waves in the U.S. music scene as of October 2023.

From lyrical virtuosos to trendsetting trailblazers, this list celebrates the artists who are redefining the genre and leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Join us on this journey as we count down the top rap sensations, each bringing their unique style and perspective to the forefront of American hip-hop culture.

1. 41 (Brooklyn, NY)

2. Honey Baby (New Jersey)

3. Connie Diamond (The Bronx)

4. Big Hit (Los Angeles)

5. Dyce Payso (Bronx, NY)

6. Reuben Vincent (Charlotte, NC)

7. Keen Streetz (Queens, NY)

8. OnPoint OP (Brooklyn)

9. Yellow Tape (Bronx, NY)

10. DC Wave (New Orleans)

As we wrap up “Esso’s Top 10,” it’s clear that the rap landscape in October 2023 is as vibrant and diverse as ever. These artists have not only elevated their craft but have also pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in hip-hop.

From thought-provoking lyricism to infectious beats, they’ve captivated audiences and solidified their spots as trendsetters in the industry. Be sure to look out for next month’s edition in November 2023, where we’ll bring you the freshest updates on the hottest rappers continuing to shape the sound of today’s music scene. Until then, keep those beats bumping!

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