Exclusive Interview: Resse P Gives New Details On Her Christmas Single “Rum Chata”

Resse P talks about her new single with Allhiphop.

We had a lovely chat with the Chicago-born rapper Resse P, discussing her 7th single “Rum Chata.” The talented Hip Hop artist took us back to her childhood Christmas days, revealing what inspired her to write a song about the liqueur RumChata.  We also talked about the current status of the industry and which of the emerging music genres she likes best.

Let’s break down the fun-loving Holiday single “Rum Chata”! It’s not the conventional Christmas song, how did you come up with the idea, and what inspired you to write it?

I came up with the idea one holiday season because I love RumChata and eggnog. My producer is extremely creative with his melodies, so when I heard the beat, the melody for “Rum Chata” just rang out. Knowing how big holiday jingles can be when I got great feedback, I was inspired to keep writing it into what it is today.

Are you a festive person? Do you have that Holiday spirit? How do you spend Christmas day? How about when you were younger? Is it an important season for you?

I wouldn’t say I’m a festive person or have holiday spirit really, lol! But, I do enjoy the holidays and how it can bring people together. For instance, I’ve always lived away from my family and Christmas gives me a chance to go home, spend time with them, and gather around one dinner table. Especially as a kid, we would all go to my uncle’s house during the holidays and open gifts. To say it’s an important season would be a stretch, but I do enjoy this time of year.

When did you first realize that you wanted to become a Hip Hop artist? Who is your biggest supporter?

I started making music in 2007 after my mom and brother got into a car accident. At the time, my little brother was making beats and when I went home and heard them, I thought they were dope enough to write to.

The music video for “Rum Chata” is really funny, cozy, and genuine. Did you actively collaborate with your team during the shooting? Are the people acting in the clip close to family members and friends? 

Thanks so much! The team for Rum Chata was two guys with a camera, me and my assistant. It wasn’t a large production at all. Just a bunch of my family and friends loved the concept that came for free food and to support my vision.

“Chanel” came out this summer! How was it perceived? Do you plan to release any new songs in the near future?

“Chanel” got really great feedback, especially because of how popular “FNF” was by GloRilla and I shouted her out in my first verse. I’m thinking some good follow-up singles will be coming in mid-December and late January just to keep my fans fed.

Which artists have inspired you while growing up? Who used to listen to you? How about now? Who is one of your favorite artists at the moment?

My favorite artist of all time is Nas. So I was definitely influenced by his storytelling ability and overall positive Hip Hop message growing up. I think now one of my most influential artists is Lil Wayne. He is the GOAT of my generation with punchlines and metaphors that can start wars.

From the emerging new genres, which ones excite you the most? Will we be seeing you experiment with different styles?

I’m actually a really really BIG fan of EDM so I’m certain you will see me dip into that. I feel like people can already hear the Jazz in my music so that’s a given. But, POP here I come!

Social media helped many young people in the industry to stand out and prosper in their careers. What do you think about that? Do you think that streaming platforms have made the process of becoming a successful artist easier?

I definitely believe streaming platforms have given many people that wouldn’t usually get an opportunity, a chance to shine. However, I also believe it has ruined the sacredness of genuine talent. To be a star in the past was a gem. It was prized because of its unique talent and extraordinary ability. Now it seems like it’s any m#### with a camera willing to pay with their soul for fame. I believe that social media platforms in totality have made it easier to become a celebrity in general. One viral moment and the right campaign then boom, a rise to fame.

Watch the official music video for “Rum Chata” here: