Fatboy Unveils New Single “OUUWEE” featuring Kocky Ka


Fatboy drops off his new single titled “OUUWEE,” featuring Kocky Ka. Take a listen and give the song a review!

Fatboy is the king of content, one of the funniest entertainers in the business. but that doesn’t take away from his musical talents, and he’s here to prove he has what it takes to be one of the greats.

Today, the New Jersey native returns with his newest single titled “OUUWEE,” featuring Kocky Ka. The record sees Fatboy reflecting on his journey from the trenches to now being able to make a living and take care of himself and his family.


Speaking on the inspiration behind the record, Fatboy stated, “I went into the studio, I was thinking about my life overall. Being a youngin’ with no guidance. I wanted to show the glamorous part in the music. That’s why I said “my chain heavy,” things of that nature.”

Fatboy also explained what he wants fans to get from the record.

“I could go any different way. I’m versatile. I go country, pop, hip-hop, rap, gospel, anything. I want fans to know I’m coming. I’m coming for the Grammy, I’m coming for the Platinum/Gold record. I want fans to know everything I accomplished, this is just the beginning.”