Fly Havana, One of the Realest Rappers in the Game

Fly Havana let his creativity take the lead to create the 10/10 project, “Sacrifice.”

Broward County-born, Eric Elliott moved to Miami Florida where he was raised under the roof of a Cuban/Black family. Having a love for music through the sounds of artists like Kehlani, Nipsey Hustle, 2pac, and Kanye West, he took on the alias Fly Havana to conquer the industry with the music of his own. Starting out, his path wasn’t one without obstacles. Fly Havana has endured many sacrifices on his climb to success, but with God influencing his way ahead, he powered through and came out on top. 

Not following the trend of the current influx of rappers, Fly Havana doesn’t simply create songs about money and drill but uses his craft to speak on real-life topics that motivate and connect with his fans. With his various rap flows and melodic style, he has built a name for himself that has also helped launch careers of his peers and is also the songwriter of hits like, “All The Way Up.”

Switching gears to placing the focus on releasing his debut mixtape, Fly Havana let his creativity take the lead to create the 10/10 project, “Sacrifice.” The body of work speaks for itself in terms of depth, vibe, lyricism, and dopeness. Not only is it well put together, but “Sacrifice” is also released on Fly Havana’s self-owned label, All Fa$t Records.

As his mixtape is working its way up the streaming charts, Fly Havana is multitasking on building his clothing brand, All Fast Apparel, and curating his upcoming musical project. Follow the entrepreneur and musical talent and be sure to stream his mixtape, “Sacrifice.” 


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