FRESH HEAT – Sincere Show – “What Happens In Vegas”


After finding success as a mainstay on VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop, while also remaining a staple on the Hollywood nightclub scene, Chicago bred and Los Angeles based entertainer Sincere Show is back it again with more music. This time the guy who’s notoriously at the center of every major Hollywood party releases his new single “What Happens in Vegas…,” a theme song for good times in Vegas. The song is accompanied by a recap of his lively week in Sin City during the May/Pac Fight Week and shows Sincere moving from party to party with a host of women. While the song is obviously coined after the well-known motto of Las Vegas, there’s nothing generic about this song. From the artwork, to the beat, to Sincere Show’s recognizable voice on the track, this track has all the makings of Summer banger.