How Fast Rising Rapper Shah is Taking over the Music Industry

Shah says his current goal is to have his songs topping various charts in Belgium/Netherlands.

The global music scene is one of the most challenging to break into. With hundreds of thousands of talents from across the world, it takes a lot for artists to penetrate the industry. However, that has not stopped fast-rising rapper Shah from marking his place in the industry.

While he has only been in the industry for less than two years, Shah can easily be mistaken for a veteran. His music has become a fan favorite gaining more than one million views in just ten months. Shah is popularly known for his hit track “Drank Pillen & Ballonmen,” which has clocked 700K streams on Spotify.

The 21-year-old Belgian rapper has also released “ZevenNullen,” “Miljonair” and “Op Zoek” among others. Growing up listening to famous American rappers Tupac Shakur and Eminem, Shah says he draws a lot of inspiration from their music. They are Shah’s favorite artists in the industry, and he regards them as legends.

He notes that more than just music, his goal is to create songs that everyone can dance to and, most importantly, it should tell a story. Shah’s diversity and unique sound are setting him apart in the industry, with thousands joining the fan base. Through his songs, the talented rapper encourages others and spreads positivity and hope.

“Music is a second home to many of us,” says Shah. When facing difficulties or even good times, people turn to music to express their emotions and share their stories with the rest of the world. The songs he grew up listening to have greatly impacted his life, and Shah aims to use his talent to change lives, ensuring every tune he makes has meaning and life lessons.

Getting started in the industry, Shah didn’t have money to support his career, which threatened his dream. Even so, he did not give up. Shah worked his way to the top, and by remaining consistent, he found the finances to release his debut single. Shah’s impeccable voice and amazing video quality have allowed him to cement his place in the music scene. He is one of the first artists in Belgium to have over 100k views in less than one week after starting in the music industry.

Shah notes that the path to achieving your goal is never smooth. You will encounter countless obstacles along the way, but that shouldn’t stop you. He says the secret to success is to work smart, believe in yourself, and never let failure define your life. He advises other upcoming artists not to give up on their careers, noting that the only way to make your dream a reality is by continuously fighting for it.

As he makes great music, Shah says his current goal is to have his songs topping various charts in Belgium/Netherlands. He wants to continue creating timeless music. At just 21 years of age, Shah has earned his spot in the music industry. He says he aspires to be an even bigger artist and have a larger fan base by the time he is 25 years old.