How JT5K Breaking Barriers and Dominating the Industry Ever Since Signing With Ruby Recordings

In 2021, JT5K was able to amass over 2.2 million streams on Spotify alone, an impressive feat considering that the rapper has only just begun his career.

As the music sector gears up for confident growth in 2022, the billion-dollar industry is keen on empowering skillful artists, singers, and songwriters through competent and accomplished recording labels that are sure to do infinite wonders to their budding careers. Equipped with passion, perseverance, determination, and a whole lot of flair, aspiring and established musicians have signed with one of the industry’s well-known recording labels, Ruby Recordings.

Ruby Recordings was launched in 2015 and has since been unrelenting when producing remarkable talents such as FriO Isa Blaque, AB Tazz, and so much more. In May 2020, they signed JT5K, a Canadian rapper from Edmonton, Alberta, who went viral for his exceptional skills and was dubbed one of hip-hop’s hidden musical gems. His debut single “Came From Nothing,” featuring John Cardiff and Trizzy, was released on June 12, 2020, and instantly catapulted Ruby Recordings into the industry’s most prominent names. 

In 2021, JT5K was able to amass over 2.2 million streams on Spotify alone, an impressive feat considering that the rapper has only just begun his career. Since then, JT5K has gained immeasurable support from major Spotify playlists like New Music Friday and Northern Bars. 

Kicking off his career at only twenty-one years old, JT5K elevated his social media accounts and platforms to his benefit by posting entertaining content such as music and freestyling videos for his loyal fanbase. JT5K created a buzz with his audience by creating everlasting music for their playlists based on catchy beats, harmonic melodies, and memorable hooks. Despite his newfound success, the rapper intends to tell everyone that he isn’t just the typical rapper. He prides himself on being passionate about his music, evident through his track of dropping five projects despite being new to the game. 

From 2018 to 2021, JT5K has proven its worth by surpassing over 3 million streams on Spotify. His ability to tell personal stories from his rough childhood, as his lyrics continues to captivate and amass audiences from all over the world, including over 100 countries. His constant success from his songs like “Came From Nothing,” “Resisting,” and “Bubble Gum Kisses” has landed him a solidified position in Ruby Recordings.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic halting major productions for many, the rising musician continues to persevere and work on his numerous projects in his very own home studio, producing hit after hit to be able to create an entire album through his determination. 

Through Ruby Recordings’ outstanding and inherent perception of managing its musical talents, it has proven to be more than just an emerging authority in the ever-evolving industry. As the label continues to instill passion in its aspiring experts, Ruby Recordings’ objective prevails by maximizing its talent’s capabilities and shaping them into what they truly hope to be.

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