How Zeedajeweler Became Atlanta’s Hottest Hip-Hop Star

“Keep your circle small and run a good team,” advises Zeedajeweler.

In a city like Atlanta, where hip-hop has long been the music of choice and rap stars are born daily, it can be hard to find your voice. But for Zeedajeweler, the newest name in the Atlanta rap scene, his creativity shines through with his ability to blend elements from some of Atlanta’s greatest legends with his own signature sound. His rise to fame has been quick but is no surprise considering he’s taken on mentors such as Young Thug, Moneybagg Yo, and Kodak Black.

Zeedajeweler’s story is one of hard work and determination to get ahead and establish a legacy in this competitive space. If the numbers on his streaming platforms are anything to go by, the up-and-coming artist is well on his way to achieving this dream.

From a young age, Zeedajeweler had always been interested in the creative process of writing lyrics and making beats. However, he didn’t seriously consider pursuing a career in this space for many years, but his entrepreneurial ventures allowed him to interact with rappers and other musicians from different backgrounds. Living and working in a city that’s as rich musically as Atlanta meant that his dream to create music never died.

During his interactions with musicians and rappers, Zeedajeweler’s desire to express himself through music became stronger until he could no longer hold it in. After hedging for many years, Zeedajeweler finally took the plunge last year and ventured into making music.

Zeedajewler’s debut track was all the confirmation needed that he meant business. His unique and fresh style immediately endeared him to many and earned him fans across his social media platforms. With each subsequent release, Zeedajeweler’s audience grew and became larger. Today, the artist has over 200K followers across his social media platforms, and the numbers continue to grow.

His songs have attracted hundreds of thousands of fans on music streaming platforms and have been viewed just as many times. For Zeedajeweler, that’s a dream come true and one he hopes to take to greater heights in the future. With each song he’s released, the artist has proved that nothing can stop him.

Despite being an independent artist, Zeedajeweler has made remarkable strides in the music scene and says he’s just getting started. His goal is to make more headlines in Atlanta and then take over the rap scene across the country. Scaling an empire is not a new concept to Zeedajeweler, and he has a few tips for those seeking the motivation to start their journeys in music.

“Keep your circle small and run a good team,” advises Zeedajeweler. In an industry where people will do anything to get ahead, Zeedajeweler believes loyalty is an invaluable asset. Besides hard work and consistency, he says this is another crucial factor that will determine whether you win or lose. Goal setting is the other factor Zeedajeweler attributes to his success. Instead of wishing, he advises doing something, even if you have to start small.

That way, you’ll also be able to plan and save the money needed to execute each part of the plan. Lastly, Zeedajeweler says you must be flexible and adapt to changes as they come. That way, no storm will blow you off course no matter how hard it rages.