IamJYoungin Drops His New Single “Anywayz” Featuring Problem

“This is just the beginning and I see myself as a megastar and a fortune 500 owner,” he said.

Rising star, recording artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur “IamJYoungin” otherwise known as Jeremiah Jones is destined to make a powerful mark in both the business scene as well as the Hip-hop music scene. As a Long Beach, California native Jeremiah Jones aka ” IamJYoungin” does a great job of balancing the tasks of being CEO & founder of a 501C3 nonprofit organization Jyoungin.org and his very own music career as a HipHop Artist.  Many who work with him say, they’re not surprised with all the accomplishments he’s obtained being that his work ethic is incredibly unmatched.  

IamJYoungin linked with Grammy-nominated recording artist Problem of Compton, California.  These two have joined forces bringing you a dope remix stemming from IamJYoungin’s most recent radio and club hit “Anywayz“.  Problem says, “I’ve known J for the majority of his life and wasn’t going to just do a record with him based on my business history with his father. I wanted to see him grow as an artist, mature as a young man, step up to the plate and be able to bat with the big dawgs before we did anything on a professional music level.”

IamJYoungin said, “I’m glad the Big Bro Prob chose this record to help me build and I take nothing for granted, this is just the beginning. Recently the founder of The Reel Gods, Rob Banks, otherwise known as ShotByRobBanks invited him to a video shoot she was doing. It just so happens that her client was Freebandz member FBG Goat & the Norf Side Big Homey OT Genasis. IamJYoungin told us that seeing them work and listening to them drop gems, lit a whole new fire within him. It let him know that it’s tangible and that he could go major just like them.

“This is just the beginning and I see myself as a megastar and a fortune 500 owner,” he said. “I have to work like never before, staying consistent across the board while keeping my focus. I appreciate everyone who is supporting my overall movement, stay tapped in with me and remember I never give up!”
IamJYoungin Featuring Problem (Official Video)