James Rich is Gearing Up to Release ‘IKEY’ Album

James Rich will be releasing his new album under the Hanz On Music entertainment imprint!

Fresh off the release of Method Man’s “3rd Meth Lab” installment, Hanz On Music Entertainment ( H.O.M.E.) C.E.O. Anthony Messado better known as Hanz On/Hannibal the Great is releasing a new album by up-and-coming artist James Rich named ‘IKEY.’

Emerging from the Clifton section of Staten Island; Isaiah James Bennett better known as James Rich offers a unique energy to the game. His monotone voice and witty raps, along with an eclectic style, gives a life to his music that resonates with his fans.

Over the years he has built a catalog of music known as “Boutique Raps” in which he offers an in-depth look into his lifestyle, struggles and motivations.

Coming at you with beats that knock and a diverse flow package, Rich rarely misses. As the self-proclaimed “Staten Island Kobe,” he brings a confidence that resembles the likes through his technical approach and ability to perform in the clutch.

He credits his older brother as an early influence to “talk his sh*t” and have fun while doing so.

Rich feels the game needs more people like himself and his new found H.O.M.E seems to agree.

His album will be available June 24th, 2022 on all digital platforms.