JLShotThat Is Gaining International Recognition for His Work

JL has amassed over 200M views with over 10M on his personal YouTube.

Video production has become more crucial as the music scene grows and evolves. Today, good music is not only defined by the sound but also the video content and even quality, which has seen many videographers and music directors join the space. But the completion has not stopped Jeremi Thi Lam from establishing his place. Also known as JLShotThat, Jeremi is a renowned music video director.

JL is known for his unique style, creativity, and music talent/experience, which helps him create remarkable, memorable, and interesting music videos. Besides being a music video director, JL is a singer and songwriter. He started his journey in his early teens under the name Nemesis. JLShotThat was a member of the boy band Castle Boyz until 2013, when he launched his solo career with the release of his mixtape, “Already on Datpiff.”

The mixtape became a hit in and outside of his home state. At the time, JL looked into other things like photography and videography. After some practice, JL bought his first camera and started shooting music for local artists in Brooklyn and Queens. He says this experience then pushed him to focus solely on music video production.

JLShotThat noted the need for high-quality conceptual videos. “The visual impact of the video can be as powerful as the music, and to deliver the message perfectly, you need both,” says JL. A music video can connect the artist with the listener, giving the listener a better opportunity to see the artist’s vision unfold and to better understand and connect with the song.

JL aims to create videos that complement the song and build on it. He has worked on several projects, including “Ex-Voto,” a cinematic heaven-and-hell dreamscape complete with full costumes and a Roman Catholic cathedral. This was among his first projects, and “Ex-Voto” attracted massive attention and praise, even landing JL collaborations with bigger artists.

JLShotThat has directed and shot videos for the late Pop Smoke, Lil Tjay, J.I the Prince of N.Y, MiG Arogan, and Fivio Foreign. Shortly after releasing his self-commissioned project “Ex-Voto,” Jerry Salutee reached out to JL, asking him to shoot a music video for one of his artists.

JL got to shoot for Fivio Foreign. He directed the video “Welcome to the Part Remix,” featuring Fivio Foreign, Jay Dee, Yung Drama, and P Gutta. The song became one of Fivio’s early hits, with millions of views on YouTube. JL is also the man behind Pop Smoke’s platinum record “Dior,” Fivio’s “Big Drip,” “Wetty,” “Drive By,” and many other hits.

JL has amassed over 200M views with over 10M on his personal YouTube. He has worked with nearly every star in New York and is now growing internationally. JLShotThat is reshaping the music scene by giving artists and listeners a different look into music videos. He creates videos that clearly convey a message and boost the artist’s visibility and exposure while connecting them to the audience. JL says that one of his goals is to continue music video production and editing. He is looking to work on more projects with even bigger artists from the US and around the world.