Johnny Oz & Touchdown Juice- “Full-Court Press”

Johnny Oz & Touchdown Juice join forces for latest single.

Touchdown Juice is an independent artist tapping in from Los Angeles, California who is no stranger to the music scene. He started releasing music in January of 2020 and has already recieved over 200K streams on Spotify from his 9 released singles.

Touchdown Juice makes music not only for the cultre, but he is defenitly making his way towards becoming a household name. He is currently getting ready to release his new project ‘The LANDing’ which is set to drop next month. Be sure to check out his music available on all streaming platforms! Get to know Touchdown Juice below!

What inspired your artist name? And where did you get the name from?

I grew up playing football, I played in high school and Division 1 College at Florida Atlantic
University (FAU). I got the nickname juice when I was a sophomore in high school. One of the older players on my team had the same initials as me, so when coach called us by our initials we would both run to do something at times. One of my coaches took it upon himself to bless me with a nickname that stuck with me for 13 years and counting. I just put two and two together when it came to my artist name, “Touchdown Juice” it had a little ring to it. 


Why did you move to where you currently reside?

It’s all about location, I’m close to the studios in North Hollywood, nightlife in Hollywood, and the movers and shakers of the Hollywood hills.

Your network is your net worth and for me I have been building relationships with many people in and outside the music industry. 

How would you describe your sound/style?

My sound is unique because of the regions of the country that I have lived in. I have been influenced from the South, Midwest, and West Coast and my music reflects the cultures of all three. I like to create vibes based on the beat im working with also. The beat by itself tells a story, has an energy, so I base what I say on the vibe I get from that. Sometimes it’s a sad song, sometimes its about females, drugs, and sometimes its just a feel-good high energy song.

 Do you have any other special talents, such as acting, etc.?

I’m a former D1 athlete, played football in college. Played almost all sports growing up, haven’t been as active as of lately but I’m still an athlete.

I am almost a professional Supersmash Bros player on the Nitendo Switch, anybody can get it. I’m also a natural comedian.

When did you start doing music? And when did you start taking it seriously? Be as detailed as you’d like.

I have been making music for about a year now but have been around the industry for the past four or five years. I have friends who also pursue music as a career, they would fly out to link with people or go to meetings with studio executives or just record in some of the best studios in LA. I would accompany them to these events with hopes of possibly becoming a manager for upcoming or established artist. I did it for about a year trying to build relationships and work with artist that I felt as though were promising. I quickly realized that I could create better music by doing thing on my own. I recorded for my first verse and song in the living room of my current home. Haven’t looked back since I started.

Why music? Describe your passion.

I have always had a love and passion for music. I’m the type of person who will find a song that I like and play it 100 times and won’t get tired of it.  That really helps when it comes to writing a song. I can play the beat over and over and it doesn’t bother me at all, I just enjoy the music and creating. Helps me express myself.

Making music isn’t work to me, I can spend hours on it and time will fly by. I have learned that when your passionate about something putting the work in to be great at it, isn’t a daunting task. It is what expected, you want to get better and time isn’t a factor.

Who/what inspires your sound/music?

Women, weed, and weather.

Women because they are really the ones who will support and take your music to new heights. A guy might listen to your music and think it’s dope but a female fan is usually the ones to buy tickets to shows/merch/post in support of you without expecting something in return. Also they pass their playlist on to others which helps with marketing. If I make songs women like or can relate to then they’ll support it and guys will come along too because they always want to impress females by knowing the words, dances, etc. associated with the song. Got to have a positive female influence to be successful in music.

I am a smoker, real chill and relaxed vibe. When im high I’m in a carefree mental space and enjoy creating when im in that mode. Weather plays a big factor because I prefer to live in warm/tropical/dessert like climates, I like making feel good music so when its nice out it has me ready to express how I feel on a track.  It’s all about energy and your state of mind when it’s time to create. I make different music when I only drink, only smoke, or sip.

What would you like to do after music?

After music I will be invested in the real estate and cannabis market out in California, with hope of expansion nationwide when it’s federally legal for cannabis. Although these are both occupations that could take up all of ones time I believe that I can make music and continue to peruse real estate and legal cannabis. I would even say that they help each other and help me balance my out life.

Connect with Touchdown Juice:

Instagram: Touchdownjuice

YouTube: Touchdown