K. Johns Tha General Makes Debut With ‘Salute Me Or Shoot Me’

K. Johns

K. Johns Tha General has influences like Nipsey Hussle & Wiz Khalifa, but he definitely brings his own style and swagger to the rap scene.

2022 is the year when K. Johns Tha General has planted his flag in the ground and announced he has arrived on the main stage. Dropping his debut album ‘Salute Me or Shoot Me’, it’s a ten-track compilation that will become an instant classic. With standout tracks like “Him Not Them,” “Like This,” ft. MCM Raymond, “BTW,” and plenty of others, K. Johns is setting the tone this time around with music that fully encompasses his sound.

Recasting South Central LA in his own image and influenced by Nipsey Hussle & Wiz Khalifa, Tha General is taking command of the situation and rapping his message to the world. West Coast is in the house and in full effect as he cruises behind the mic with a sensational flow and ability that tells the story of life’s ups and downs.

Releasing tracks since 2019 and determined to deliver for his family, the desire to succeed drives him each and every day. Lyrically superior and tackling the big issues, his laidback Hip Hop has plenty of bite as it explores the truths of his world. ‘Salute Me or Shoot Me’ mirrors that journey, and is a reflection of the frustration he feels about people not respecting or reaching out to cover the journey he is on.

Well that is all set to change as his authentic and original album demands the attention of audiences everywhere. Setting an example to his community and inspiring them to be the best version of themselves, his swagger and lyrical flow set a standard that is the envy of others. 

No matter the challenge, K. Johns Tha General will get you over the line. Get with his sound and march with him to the future. 

“Don’t give up. No matter how hard s*** gets. We all need a story to tell eventually.”