Kayebands Is Shaking Up The Music Scene With New Release “Benz Truck” ft. Avenue Swift


Bay Area artist Kayebands is coming from a different angle and his new song “Benz Truck” is making waves.

Bay Area artist Kayebands, is letting everyone know he’s not an artist to be skipped over in 2022. With a few singles and a project on the way, we can not wait to see what Kayebands has in store for us, especially after his 2021 single, ” Ghost Lick,” Kayebands always delivers a “unique experience.” So, it is no surprise to anyone that Kayeband’s newest release, “Benz Truck,” featuring Avenue Swift, is a smash hit. The single was released with a visual to match as well, directed by Digital Avnue, and it showcases Kayebands in a new light that audiences have never seen before.

With a mix of “high frequencies,” natural  “storytelling, and raw energy,” it is clear Kayebands is from the Bay Area, mixing his influences of dope storytelling and high-energy artists like J Dilla, Mf Doom, D-Savage, Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hustle, Lucki, and RBL Posse, with his Bay sound, Kayebands is sure to astound. 

If “Benz Truck” is anything like what Kayebands has in store for the future, we can expect nothing but refinement, high energy, and an all-around anthem that will put anyone in the zone. Kayebands says the track is about “staying on your hustle and creating your path.” As he points to the line in the song, “Benz Truck,” saying, “I’m the type to wake up, go and take that.”

Kayebands is sure to turn heads with “Benz Truck” featuring Avenue Swift, so be sure to tap in with Kayebands via Instagram @kayebands for more.

In the meantime, watch Kayebands visual for “Benz Truck,”  directed By Digital Avnue below.