KellyOh’s New Album “Legacy” is a Completely New Experience


KellyOh has been making moves on several fronts, but music is the one that has people talking.

Following the release of her hit single, “Miami 365,” KellyOh surprised fans with a new album called “Legacy.” It carries a similar cadence and energy to her single but gives fans exactly what they were asking for–more music. “After the success of my single,” said KellyOh, “I wanted to keep the momentum alive. The music was changing lives, and I was having fun. That’s a perfect and rare combination in my industry.”

KellyOh didn’t expect to release a full project this soon after the release of her last single, but according to her, it just felt right. While she had much more than five songs that could have been added to the album, she chose five because she only wanted to include the best. Too many albums today feel like you get a couple of great songs and then a handful of filler songs. That’s simply not the style of rising DJ and producer KellyOh.

When asked, KellyOh was not able to give details about future music plans for the year, but we can expect her to stay in the studio and produce more hits before the year ends. We can also expect to see exciting collaborations with popular artists which will introduce her music to an entirely new fanbase.

You can stream KellyOh’s latest album on Spotify and follow her on Instagram @kellyohgee