KonFiiDent Strikes Again With “Another One”


KonFiiDent releases his highly anticipated video for his latest single “Another One” embracing the truths of 21st century relationships, while continuing to tell his story.

KonFiiDent has been making a name for himself over the last few years, releasing hot singles, developing his brand KTDA, as well as touring.

His videos always seem to mesh perfectly with the music and help elevate the piece as a whole, all while telling a story. “Another One” will bring you back to that moment that almost everyone has experienced, when you’re forced to ask yourself if it’s real or just… another one.

The song delivers a smooth, catchy hook that you’ll catch yourself singing long after the song finishes. The verses, while also smooth, still provide us with punch lines and rhyme schemes, but in a more R&B approach.

KonFiiDent has a story and he’s only just beginning to tell it. Be sure to follow him (@Konfiident) to keep up with new music, videos, tour dates, and more.