LilTonyRose Performs at SXSW and Links With Big Names @Bigxthaplug & @DirtyGloveBubba

LilTonyRose turns up with hit singles in front of a cheering crowd at popular 2022 SXSW show, “Free Juice 2.”

Anthony Meza Rose aka LilTonyRose is one of Texas’ finest on the mic. The world heavyweight storytelling champ has a signature sound that blends impactful bars with genre-merging melodies to influence lives just as the omnipresent Jesus Christ did. This wasn’t a self-proclaimed title, but one unanimously given by audiences that have rallied around his career and music.

LilTonyRose has not only delivered a catalog inclusive of the projects “The King of Love,” “The Rap Therapist” and “A Love Story EP 1,” but also inspiring singles like “Ain’t Stressin’” among others. His talent never ceases to amaze, a truth that has been approved by even major platforms like the New York Times. With such a widespread influence on the industry, it came as no surprise that avenues enlisted his energy-filled performance for popular annual events like SXSW.

LilTonyRose took the stage for the 2022 SXSW Show “Free Juice 2” where he gave the crowd one hell of memory with renditions of hits singles “Rose Up,” “Gods Plan,” and “Addiction.” It was the experience of a lifetime and another accolade etched into the pages of his growing career.

LilTonyRose was among the stars that accepted him into the ranks of artists destined for greatness. Linking up with @Bigxthaplug at the show along with the host and rapper @DirtyGloveBubba who coined the interactive hashtag #IGottaFindBubba, he saw the side of the industry that was exciting, fun, and just embracing life through music.

LilTonyRose has been doing great for himself. His music is a talked-about topic and his career is rising into higher categories among mainstream artists. Follow his wave and check out his music to find out why so much buzz is surrounding his name.