Macklemore Is Back And He’s Teamed Up With DJ Premier For “Heroes”

Macklemore and DJ Premier

He’s Back! @Macklemore and DJ Premier team up on a new track, produced by Honna Kimmerer. Check it out!

Macklemore is back!

The Seattle, Washington native son has returned. AllHipHop is all too familiar with the rapper, since his earliest rise to fame and acclaim. He has released mixtapes, EPs, and four albums. But, for some reason, right now feels like the most important moment. Based on his new song, which features the incomparable DJ Premier, he knows the gravity of the moment. He rose like a rocket with Ryan Lewis, amassing a colorful assortment of awards and accolades. But that was years ago. Life outside of the limelight had to be a wondrous experience. But, this is Hip-Hop and what appears to be retirement, generally is not.

The Honna Kimmerer-produced track “Heroes” is certain to give all of the feels.  The song and video have a peak New York 90s. The song certain to garner several listens, as the energy takes over. Soon, you realize Macklemore is really saying something. Again. This is a prelude to Ben, his upcoming tour.