MAJ3STY Stayed Indie After Leaving Sony Music Opportunity


MAJ3STY did what most would not do – stayed indie when corporate entities were right there.

Russ and now MAJ3STY, the game is changing. For decades it has been every independent artist’s dream to land a deal with a major label, but as years go by we see more and more artists capitalize on their independence.

Emerging Independent Recording Artist MAJ3STY is no novice to the game. An open intellect with a mission, vision, and purpose which is clear in his music. We did some digging and found out that MAJ3STY had an opportunity to have a distribution deal with Sony Music but walked away.

Here’s what he has to say:

The deal was never directly with Sony Music. There was a company that reached out to me, they specialized in artists development and asked me if I wanted representation. I was all for it. I saw that they were legit so, I went forward with it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t understand that paying this company in order to move forward with the deal, was part of the process. They had all of these pictures of the CEO, who I spoke to directly being in Sony Music’s building etc.

But right when Covid-19 hit I was getting ready to put out a single titled ‘Big Steppa.’ I sent the files and the requested information to the company and they sent it to Sony Music. My job after that was to wait for Sony Music to upload it on their end. One day before the release date I realized that I never heard from anyone. I saw the CEO and A&R of that middleman company on Instagram promoting other artists but, never heard from them.

I decided that since I was signed to my own label that I’m the CEO of and since I represent myself, through my label… I’ll put the song out. Allowing someone to mess up my vision wasn’t an option. I put it out, waited for them to reach out and never heard from them. I don’t like drama so, I’ll be respectful and won’t disclose the company’s name but, my views on Sony Music and that other company changed. My song went top 10 on the radio in Nigeria that same year, but I promised myself I wouldn’t focus on a major label deal after that.

I do hope that Sony Music and that other company does well and I’m grateful for the lesson that the experience taught me.

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