Meet The Cannabis Club ATL!


Meet The Cannabis Club ATL! The group is a collective based in Atlanta that’s an eclectic take on The Black Eyed Peas with a cool Hip Hop compliment.

Cannabis Club ATL is a Hip Hop group out of Decatur, Georgia. Comprised of four members (Fruitman, Trapacana, N.I.L.E, and Manal), each is unique in their own right, and together they bring a distinct sound to the urban airwaves.

The founding member, Fruitman wears many hats and is prominent in Atlanta’s underground artist movement. He is the visionary behind Money Tree Entertainment, a producer, writer and arranger.

Trapacana, born in Frankfurt, Germany, is a skilled performer and lyricist. He has had a love for music since a young age and looks for ways to incorporate new sounds into his work.

N.I.L.E began performing at 9 years old. His sound is highly influenced by real-life experiences and pains. He is a lyricist, producer and arranger.

The group’s only female member, Manal, is Australian-born and describes herself as “a Palestinian by way of Australia.” She is an experienced artist whose talents have taken her all over the world and now Atlanta. She brings an R&B sound to the group that organically balances with the rap sound.

Get to know them better by checking out the video below!