Milwaukee Based Rapper Plenty Swagger Is Beating The Odds

Milwaukee, Wisconsin based hip hop artist Plenty Swagger has never had an easy path.

The artist began his life in the streets, getting into trouble as early as 13-years-old. Just a young buck, Plenty Swagger started selling dope at just 14-years-old, finding himself in and out of prison at 16. What most people don’t know is: Plenty Swagger’s musical career began when was in juvenile corrections at 17-years-old.

The young creative would pass the time by free-styling lyrics he came up with within his head. A hobby soon turned into a passion, and a passion turned into a career. Fast forward years later and Plenty Swagger’s musical career is in full swing. The artist made his original debut in 2020 with his track ‘Mama’s Baby’. Plenty Swagger has amassed thousands of streams across his catalog on Spotify, looking to further push his career forward in 2022 with new releases. You can find more info on the artist below. 

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