Mother’s Day Gets A New Anthem By Mic King

Mic King

Mic King has a new anthem for Mother’s Day and it bangs! Listen to “I Made It” and play it over and over.

Mic King‘s career has gone through many transformations. From formidable battle rapper in Philly, to exciting new up-and-coming rapper alongside labelmates Jean Grae and Fall Out Boy, to successful marketing and business exec, King has mastered all of his crafts. With his career coming full circle with the recent release of his iCONIC EP, the rapper-turned digital marketing maven and CEO attributes much of his success to his mother, a sentiment reflected in project standout “Made It” (featuring Musiq SoulChild).

“’Made It’ is a song thanking my mother for all she did to give me the opportunities that helped me find my way in the world and ultimately become a successful entrepreneur. I’ve been a huge fan of Musiq Soulchild for many years so it was a dream come true to get him to join me on the record. It’s been a really meaningful experience for me because my mom is also a fan of his and when I played her the song she was completely floored. When I’ve played it live it has really connected with people and I’m excited to see a song that is so important to me resonate with the world.” – Mic King

For the Mother’s Day holiday, King has shared the song’s official music video.