Ms. Kash- “2Faced” Video

Oakland’s Ms. Kash follows up with new single & visual, “2FACED.”

There’s something about the West Coast sound that births the remix to Hip Hop’s New York roots some of us crave.

It’s the laid-back lyrical lemonade needed to quench our thirst. Setting authentic vibes and embedded in realness, we introduce Oakland, California’s Ms. Kash.

A pit bull in a skirt making boss moves and getting the job done is only one of many ways to describe this multifaceted Queen on the rise. Her talents ranging beyond her infamous pen and real spit. Ms. Kash is the future of Hip Hop.

She eats every time with no crumbs left; a flawless execution when she’s on the mic. No stranger to this, Ms. Kash delivers one melodic masterpiece after another creating a catalogue of hits, and survey says, she’s highly unlikely to ever miss.

Fresh off the heels of her “Bag Me Up” single, Ms. Kash is back and making her AllHipHop debut with her latest, “2FACED”. The track gives haters an unfiltered reality check and forces them to look in the mirror.

We’ve all had one or two who we thought had our best interest at heart but in reality, were our #1 haters: just plain “2FACED”.

Check out the official video below.