Murs Drops A Dope Song About Rapping To A Girl


(AllHipHop Rumors) Just days away from the release of his Captain California album, MURS drops a new track from the project, the humorous and light-hearted “Lemon Juice” featuring friend and long time collaborator, Curtiss King. MURS and Curtiss King trade back and forth rhymes where they alternate dissing each other and solicit a girl’s attention they are both seeking. MURS, who drew inspiration for “Lemon Juice” from Positive K’s classic cut, “I Got A Man,” says the song is a reflection of his real relationship with Curtiss King.

“We’ve been working together for years, but I had to find the right place for our personalities to collide ’cause our whole relationship is just me and him going back and forth talking trash about each other,” MURS explains. “We’ve done more serious songs together, but nothing that encapsulates our friendship the way it truly is in real life the way ‘Lemon Juice’ does.”