Musician Big Swapp Brings a New Global Sound

It has been a while since Big Swapp left the street lifestyle and is living sober to build a solid career in the music industry.

Just as the music industry has evolved in its style and sounds, audiences have also expanded their preferences. Music enthusiasts are always looking for fresh and unique sounds to feel enthralled and connected to. This consistent demand for a distinct style of music has paved the way for many new talents in the industry who are fearless in their style and never hesitate to experiment. Musician and rapper, Big Swapp, belongs to this new crop of artists, always working hard to bring something new to the audience. 

Born in Haiti and raised in New Jersey, Big Swapp organically absorbed the diverse culture of music of these two places, and his love for music and gifted creative skills has further shaped his career as a rapper. He has a unique sound that quickly separates him from other contemporary rappers. He also stands out for his electrifying energy and infectious positive vibes that instill the groove in his tunes. 

Big Swapp is known as a turnt rapper, identified for his swag. His music is a breeze of freshness that audiences do not just enjoy listening to but also feel connected to. He strikes a perfect balance between a positive attitude and good vibes with his personality and music that sets the stage on fire. His music is something that fans feed on and go crazy about. Big Swapp’s strong stage presence and unparalleled ability to read the crowd’s vibe ignites the music scene both virtually and also in live music shows. 

Today, Big Swapp is a sought-after name in the music scene in New Jersey. However, his journey so far has been a challenging one that changed his perception of life. Migrating from Haiti to the US at 11, Big Swapp faced discrimination during his teens. Growing up in Everington, New Jersey, he was chased down on the streets for his Haitian origin. As an escape from these ugly experiences, Big Swapp chose to adopt the street life and crewed up with a gang of 12. However, he later realized his bigger dreams, which would not be fulfilled by living a street culture. That’s when Big Swapp decided to pivot his life positively. 

It has been a while since Big Swapp left the street lifestyle and is living sober to build a solid career in the music industry. He left street life during his junior high school days and even pursued a college degree for a couple of years. He turned all negative experiences into positivity to fuel his goal and left everything for the love of creating music and singing. Professionally, Big Swapp is now making huge strides to take his voice to the international platform. 

Big Swapp is gradually paving the foundation to accomplish his dreams through large-scale musical tours and even signing deals with record labels. This talented artist has not restricted his career only to music. He is a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur who loves to spend quality time with his family. Currently, Big Swapp is basking in the success of his new single “Instagram”. The song is drenched in new vibes and is leaving his fans craving more. Big Swapp wants to continue making incredible music, expanding his audience base throughout the world so he can spread happiness and positivity everywhere.