Nate Husser Drops Off New Single “Iced Out Baby G”

Montreal rapper Nate Husser just dropped a new single called “Iced Out Baby G.” Take a look at the official lyric video!

Montreal’s hip-hop hero Nate Husser comes through yet again with “Iced Out Baby G,” a single off his forthcoming project Adult Supervision via +1 Record/EMPIRE. This serves as the follow-up to his last single “Jelly,” which premiered on EBRO’s Apple 1 Radio show.

Speaking on the track, Nate says, “I’m a real 90’s baby. Dudes like Pharrell and Lil Wayne were who I was looking up to. This song is a homage to that early 2000’s era and what these guys did for the culture at that time.”

The official music video for the song is delayed as Nate awaits his Custom Iced Out Baby-G Shock from his jeweller @goldgrillzmtl. “It’s finna be the hardest s### my city ever seen.”

Nate came up with his Instagram handle @everyonesaweirdo on a trip to LA, “out back behind the studio crib I was living at. Chillin’, smoking, and boom. The name speaks for itself but I’ve always been one ’em n*ggas they call ‘weird’ because I stood out and moved different. But everyone got some super weird ass sh-t about ’em.”

Look out for Nate’s forthcoming project, Adult Supervision dropping Q1 2021.