NBA All Star Weekend: Toronto Rap Vet D.O. Gibson Kicks Off All-Star Weekend With A Bang


D.O. Gibson is on a roll. Wasting no time in following up his recent “Follow Me” video, Gibson is back with new a single, a performance during NBA All Star weekend alongside Snoop, and a coast-to-coast Canadian tour.

This weekend he will be performing at former Toronto Raptor Jerome William’s “Read 60 Charity Jam” alongside Snoop Dogg as part of the NBA’s All Star weekend in Toronto. Gibson has over 30 shows in the next two months including a Black History Month school tour in Ontario, a performance in Vancouver at the Artstarts conference, and multiple performances in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in April.

Produced by TNB Beatz the release of “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” comes complete with Lyric Video.

“I usually don’t rap on beats like this. It’s a hard aggressive beat. I was driving to Detroit to work with TNB in the studio and had this beat on repeat. I came up with the hook because its one of the refrains that I use during my shows. By the time I got to Detroit I had most of the track plotted out in my mind.”