New on Roc Nation’s, Equity Distribution’s Roster, Meet Syce Wavy

Syce Wavy is the definition of an artistic entrepreneur who has transformed what others would see as obstacles into a catalyst for transformation and change. After years of striving to emerge onto the hip hop scene, he had been rewarded for his efforts with nothing but refusals and rejections.

Difficult Beginnings

From its genesis, hip hop has always been linked to fearless innovation, raw ambition and pure artistry. The hip hop genre not only revolutionized the musical industry but youth and popular culture as well – an avant-garde movement that continues to resonate with disaffected and disenfranchised men and women learning to navigate life on their own terms and forge their own paths for themselves.

There’s no two ways about it – life is difficult. And for those who understand the injustices and inequalities that continue to run rampant throughout our society the reality can be too frustrating or painful to bear. It’s the price for being woke, perhaps. But in the midst of this chaos, hip hop offers an unfiltered and unapologetic platform through which the experiences, perspectives and insights of an entire generation can be heard. Throughout the years, luminaries such as Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls and Easy E have inspired and captivated – the forerunners of a phenomena that has swept across the globe and forever transformed the cultural landscape.

Syce Wavy is no exception, and through the lyrical combination of musical talent and the spoken word he expresses a message that is as daring in its simplicity as it is in its inclusivity. Hip hop is so much more than a musical genre, it is a culture and a way of life which is constantly evolving, redefining boundaries and challenging the status quo. Syce Wavy’s ascent to success wasn’t an easy one, and it is with his drive and passion that he not only overcame but shattered the barriers that threatened to hold him back – as they had done his whole life.

His music is at once painfully raw and poetically crafted – a message of resilience and determination which is a call to action for the discontented and restless youth of our times. He channels the collective rage and frustrations of an entire generation and delivers it in the form of a powerful message that cannot be ignored – if no-one is going to do anything about these barriers then they’re going to have to do it themselves.


Syce Wavy is the definition of an artistic entrepreneur who has transformed what others would see as obstacles into a catalyst for transformation and change. After years of striving to emerge onto the hip hop scene, he had been rewarded for his efforts with nothing but refusals and rejections. With every step of his journey he just seemed to encounter another obstacle that would have defeated anyone with less drive. But he fought for his dreams – even when all hope seemed to be lost, even during those weeks when he was homeless.

He didn’t give up. Ever. Even when he was told that a rapper hailing from Woodbridge has no hope of making it in music industry. And did he prove them wrong.

Grasping Opportunity

At the same time as Virginia-based artists like Pharrell Williams and Pusha T were becoming international sensations, Wavy was a young man who was struggling to forge a path for himself in life and have his voice heard in a system that would prefer him to be silenced.

His story is one of a young black man in 90s America – lost, alienated and misunderstood. Marginalized and overlooked within society, he searched desperately for a sense of belonging and a way of pushing back against a system that seemed to be structured to hold men such as himself back. It was within music that he would take solace, embrace his potential and write personal lyrics reflecting his own life and experiences. Through his music he processed his emotions, channeling them into a movement that would transform not only his life but the lives of others like him.

In life opportunities appear for those who are searching for them. His uncle Kay, who happened to be a music producer and a music industry insider, once invited him to a thanksgiving gathering. It was only a matter of time before he heard Syce Wavy freestyling, and he was impressed enough to decide to produce the music and acquire the funding to bring him into a professional studio. His uncle promised him that within a year the album would be completed, and from that moment on the trajectory of Syce Wavy’s life changed course forever.

Hop hop is defined by its fluidity – it is a musical genre unburdened by the weight of commercial sponsors, vested investors or lucrative networks. Every traditional barrier is broken down until there is only the artist, their platform of choice, and the people. Long before social media even existed, the influence of hip hop was omnipresent – so powerful that its presence could be felt and its message could be heard anywhere and everywhere.

It is the music of the people. Made by the people. For the people.

The relation between hip hop and social media is unparalleled. Viral is a term that is usually applied to a social media sensation, but the truth is that hip hop was a viral sensation decades before the word was even a definition in the dictionary. At present, there is no artistic gene that has been more prepared for the explosion of the digital age than hip hop. Through social media platforms such as TikTok, artists have not only found a way to promote their work but also to explore their artistic potential and creative ambition and connect with audiences in a way that was never possible before.

703 – Avant Garde and Experimental

Syce Wavy is adept at navigating the digital era, and his success has been fueled by his internet savvy, virtuoso marketing as well as his gifted musical expression. His TikTok album is a masterful tribute to the legacy of hip hop and the future of popular culture. Containing five songs which are each sixty seconds in length, this album provides the perfect framework for TikTok challenges.

Selecting music for social media content can be complex and time-consuming, especially because the right sound makes all the difference between a piece of content becoming viral or disappearing into obscurity. Experienced and upcoming influencers alike can create quality content for any TikTok challenge with Syce Wavy’s latest album. Each of his songs contain a story and a message that is at once captivating as well as simple enough that audiences will be able to instantly grasp the context and vision.

Whether he is channeling Too Short’s characteristic style in ‘Shitz’, or showcasing his rapping skills in the catchy track ‘My Side Piece’ – each of his songs have a story to tell and a distinctive feel. The haunting melody of ‘Tatted Up’ creates the perfect scene for an unexpected encounter with a problematic lover, whilst ‘Go Go’ is an incredible demonstration of the melodic power of his voice whilst in ‘Wait’ Wavy promises us that ‘I ain’t finished yet’.

It is the music which TikTok loves – vibrant, catchy and instantly upgrading the content it accompanies. Every creator wants to stand out from the crowd make an impact on their audiences, and the youthful energy and daring experimentation of Sync Wavy’s songs are bound to create a memorable sensory experience, elevating any content to another level.

Relatively speaking, Syce Wavy may be a recent emergence within the hip hop scene – but through his pioneering music and original vision he has engineered shock-waves which are already reverberating throughout the realm of social media. He is a storyteller who draws from his experiences as a youth in order to create narratives that are intensely personal, emotive and introspective.

Syce Wavy embodies the unapologetic message and unfiltered emotion which defines hip hop. With his provocative lyrics and experimental sounds he has caught the realms of music and social media off guard – with the kind of avant-garde daring that would make the forerunners of the hip hip movement proud. Since his emergence onto this scene, he has rapidly developed a following of devoted fans affectionately known as ‘Bridgeheads.’ Signed to Roc Nation’s indie distribution company ‘Equity’, he is debuting his latest album “703”.

From the outset of his musical career, Syce Wavy had vowed to inspire any kid growing up in Woodbridge that they can accomplish anything. He’s stayed true to that promise – 703 is an ambitious and unflinching shove-it-in-your face album about the 703 (northern VA) and Woodbridge.

Wavy knows what it means to be overlooked, underestimated and marginalized by society, and the reason his music is so powerful is because he validates the frustrations and grievances of a generation that continues to struggle and strive for a better life – creating a platform for their voices to be heard and their stories to be told at last.

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