Nia Dinero- “Meditate”

Nia’s mission with this record was to empower women & let them know they should always voice their desires with men.

Emcee, vocalist, and actress Nia Dinero received her start in the Hip-Pop duo Dreamz2Dinero.

Nia Dinero’s talent is one that reveals the uncovering of something special and long overdue. Nia’s raw talent has been expressed on many local and regional stages that gained the support of her peers and ultimately led to a college radio personality position on WNSB Hot 91.1 in Norfolk, VA.

All of her preceding opportunities paved the way for Dinero to become more than a rapper and a true artist and entertainer. Possessing an articulate flow, with a laid-back yet flirtatiously aggressive swagger, Nia Dinero brings a unique, cunning, and clever perspective to the art of rap that she calls Hip-Pop.

Merging genres of Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B and preparing for impact, Nia Dinero is ready to leave the music industry thirsty for a female artist they’ve never experienced before.

From metaphoric punch lines to added comedy and sense of truth, Nia Dinero plans on taking Hip Pop to unprecedented heights.

Nia Dinero now offers love and self-care with her debut single “Meditate” produced by Mike WILL Made-It.

“Meditate” from her visual album ‘Just For Now’ delivers ingenious sounds. Exclusively written by Dinero, the artist takes listeners on a journey of self-care using strategic word play, while asking her suitor if he is capable of being a stress-free partner. Take a listen to the single below!