Rapper Ol’ Smith Drops New Visual To “Robert Horry”

Ol Smith

Check this new visual from rapper Ol’ Smith titled “Robert Horry (Run It Up).”

Ol’ Smith is no novice to the rap game. Now, the rising star brings the heat with a feature that brings the Bronx music scene together. With drill rapper Ron Suno, both artists bring nothing but the energy in their new music video for “Robert Horry (Run It Up).”

Ol’ Smith’s image is very unique one and forthcoming. He remembers to tap into his cultural roots through his dreads (locs) that are dyed blue, which symbolizes serenity.

No wonder he likes the color blue, spending that blue cheese as he runs it up with Ron Suno in his new release. Ol Smith’s label is BurnSev, representing the two Bronx neighborhoods he’s from, Burnside and 167st.

Ol’ Smith was inspired to write “Run it Up” through the pandemic which motivated him to get to the bag, recording the song at midnight when he was hanging out with friends.

The single was produced by his close friend Kev and Ron Suno blessed the track with his comical rap ability. As a child, he loved playing baseball, but the music was something he enjoyed as well.

Ol Smith’s future goal is to become an international artist not only rapping for the streets of New York City but beyond.