Olivia Penalva Says Staying True To Yourself Can Help You Become A Successful Singer

Olivia Penalva fame started after her first single debut, which became a hit on Canadian radio achieving the top 20 hits.

When you’re under the pressure of the spotlight, it can be tempting to change who you are to please the crowd or your peers. After all, the whole world is watching, so the last thing you want is to lose fans or displease them. However, although this is sadly the truth of the music industry, one artist is proud to maintain her individuality since she became involved in music as a young teenager.

Olivia Penalva is a 21-year-old artist who began her singing career when she was just 13. Her fame started after her first single debut, which became a hit on Canadian radio achieving the top 20 hits. This also led to her winning an independent music award for the top holiday song, as the single was a Christmas-themed track.

Olivia Penalva has since established herself as one of Canada’s successful pop stars, accomplishing other top hits with succeeding singles on Canadian radio. She now has a YouTube channel, Instagram account, Twitter profile, and a website where fans could follow her musical career.

Besides being known as an amazing singer, there is something more unique than Olivia’s fans know and love about her. This is also what she wants the whole world to know, which is that her personality is authentic. In everything she does, whether it’s in her personal life or her music career, she always wants to maintain her true self.

The music industry is a very competitive space, so it can be hard to have integrity. Olivia reveals that there were many people who wanted her to change for the sake of her career. Fortunately, she was the kind of person who was not easily swayed by the people who didn’t have her interest at heart.

As a result of these negative experiences, she developed a strong desire to help others know how to avoid these situations. Olivia understands what it’s like to be in the music scene, so one of her personal goals is to help others not be afraid to express their true feelings. One of her primary advice to upcoming artists is to keep those people who have been with you right from the beginning. These are the individuals that will show their full support and whom you will need in times of personal difficulties.

For Olivia, hard work and passion are her driving forces that get her through her professional struggles. Although she has gained great success, she still has her fair share of challenges. Without hard work, you wouldn’t know how to push yourself, and without passion, you would quickly lose the motivation to press forward. Oliva explains that in order to maintain your integrity and stay true to yourself, you must stand firm in your original beliefs.

In the future, Olivia hopes to one day play at a stadium to her beloved fans. For her, this would be a dream come true. She thoroughly enjoys writing songs and creating lyrics that connect all kinds of people. She also hopes to have her own podcast and company that will expand her talents into the beauty and fashion industry. Not only does Olivia love the idea of spreading individuality through her music, she also wants to reach people through her other interests.