“Only at 2:00am” by Dondorando

Dondorando’s “Only at 2:00am” has people talking about how he has taken his art to new levels.

Dondorando just blessed the music industry with the drop of his most recent EP “Only at 2:00am”. This project is full of catchy beats that all who listen are guaranteed to vibe to. Dondorando opens up to his fans in this project and gives them a backstage look at his life and his past experiences with women. 

Dondorando took his world play to a whole new level in this project. Every song paints a vivid picture in your mind, and you can feel the emotion coming out of the speaker. This project is going to establish Donorando as a big-time player in the music industry. 

Stream “Only at 2:00” on the link below: