Paulo Alexandre Martins Tuynman’s New Track “Full Hearts” Is A Fan Favorite

Paulo Alexandre Martins Tuynman

Paulo Alexandre Martins Tuynman has a new track called “Full Hearts” and it has the Los Angeles native in a unique space.

The new track from Paulo Alexandre Martins Tuynman “Full hearts” takes the listeners on an emotional voyage. It explores the fans’ minds and seeks to satiate their needs and desires for music. The song has done exceptionally well seeing that it hasn’t been that long since it was released. Paulo Alexandre Martins Tuynman’s career as a musician looks brighter than ever with the release of “Full hearts”

Paulo Alexandre Martins Tuynman is a LA native, so he understands the people of his city. He understands their needs for music and tries his best to deliver them with what they want. For a city that never sleeps, Paulo Alexandre Martins Tuynman knows how to cater his music so that the parties don’t stop. Every party is a good time if it has his music playing. 

“Full hearts” is a song that has set him apart from the rest of his peers. He has worked with many artists as a collaboration. Throughout all his collaborations he has picked up many tips and tricks to make his music even better. This allows him to create hit songs that become popular instantly. All of that really shows through when you listen to “Full hearts”.

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