Poor Righteous Teacher’s Wise Intelligent Fires Away On “Active Shooter”


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Trenton, New Jersey veteran Wise Intelligent of The Poor Righteous Teachers has dropped a new song “Active Shooter.”

Wise is working on a new album titled Wise Intelligent Iz…Stevie Bonneville Wallace (Back 2 School 4th Period).

Check out some lyrics to “Active Shooter,” which was produced by DJ Pocket:

Paper chasers/nature rapers/innocence sittin in prayer slayers/Racial haters/germ creators/third world populace depopulators/Exploitators/people slavers/confederate battle flag hatred wavers/Great debaters/pseudo saviors/eloquent orators/but the wrong s### sayers/Timothy Taylor/true NJer product of the same f##### streets that raised ya/opposition to the system put in place to degrade you/my position was conditioned by da rich slave makers/culture appropriators/vultures from middle agers

Take a listen to the full song: