Premiere: Sullee J Enlists KXNG Crooked For His New Single “Crooked Justice” + Exclusive Q&A


Baltimore emcee Sullee J enlists West coast lyricist KXNG Crooked for his new single appropriately titled “Crooked Justice.” The two emcees exchange heavy-hitting verses, fully displaying their on mic chemistry. Sullee J also answered an exclusive Q&A for us; where he speaks on his musical influences, how “Crooked Justice: came about, future plans and much more.

Q: At what age did you start to really pursue your music career?
“It’s been almost a decade since I’ve began professionally living what I love to do. I always felt like the magnitude of influence that music has on people and society as a whole was sufficient enough for me to know that, my will to change the world in a positive manner and to raise awareness could be possible with just “one mic”. The fact that somewhere across the world, my words could touch someone else’s heart because they are going through the same thing, I just made an impact. That’s power! When I get people messaging me saying I helped them get through the day, my spirit feels like everything was worth it. Music is life.”

Q: What inspires your subject matter? Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
“It’s funny you ask that. Is it possible to be inspired as a musician by a non-musician. I feel like a part of my growth in this game is who inspires me now. Truthfully speaking, leaders in our generation and previous generations like the prophets, kings, visionaries who actually stood for what they believed in. They inspire me. I feel like I can create movements through these words, as they once had to with swords. I’d like to define myself as a martyr with the pen. However, if you really want to know some artist, by no means in any order — Nas, Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Tupac, Tech N9ne, DMX.”

Q: How did your record with KXNG Crooked come about?
“I’ve done a few records with Crooked. He’s always been humble to up and coming artists that are actually driven. I got nothing but respect for his blessing on this track.”

Q: Do you have any other big name features in the works?
“I do, I do! It will be the single after this when I release that info. But, definitely check out some of my other tracks recently I did with Young Buck, Project Pat, Royce Da 5’9, Kuniva of D12 and many more.”

Q: What would be your dream collaboration? Producer or artist?
“Producer wise, honestly, I really want to work with Swizz Beats. I would murder everything he creates. Artist wise, on my bucket list, either Nas or Eminem.”

Q: What is your main goal as a artist? Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
“I have really different goals when it comes to this question. They might seem bizarre, but as an ARTIST, I’d like to be large enough that my words change the masses. As an individual, I’d like to go around helping in different countries, building shelters, schools, helping the youth, etc. I’m not trying to be greedy at all with the talent God gave me. I’m trying to use this light as a way to impose a blessing on others.”

Check out “Crooked Justice” below.