Ramin Bidar Is Impacting The Masses with His Music

Ramin’s track “In Front of Me” has reached # 1 on Digital Radio Trackers Global Top 150 independent airplay chart.

Based on official reports from DRT (Digital radio tracker), International star Ramin Bidar’s track “In front of Me” has been on rotation globally on major digital radio stations. As someone who is very passionate about putting out music that anyone can relate to, he is captivating an audience that extends internationally. This has everything to do with his humble upbringing in Dubai, U.A.E. that allowed him to see the world from a different perspective creatively.

Having been highlighted on radio shows such as Dash Radio, iHeart Radio, iTunes Radio, Pandora, Ramin is in a lane of his own. With a unique sound and authentic voltage of streaming rotations, Ramin’s track “In Front of Me” reached # 1 on Digital Radio Trackers Global Top 150 independent airplay chart. Featuring Grammy-nominated Songwriter, Hookman & Elijah McCoy this is by far his biggest release to date.

With his “In Front of Me” single already reaching an audience of 10 million, music lovers across the USA are getting wind of Ramin’s immense talent and musical prowess. To bridge the gap between his home base and the new USA fan base, the music video for “In Front of Me” was shot in Los Angeles, USA. The multi-faceted creator has received over 1 million views on TIKTOK and continues to be a standout creator in the music business. He wants all of his fans to know how thankful he is for streaming his single in ways he could have never imagined.

Check out Ramin Bidar hit single “In Front of Me” via Youtube and hear a star In the making.