Rapper Mark Steele Breaks Down His Definition Of A “Real One”


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Durham, North Carolina MC Mark Steele returns with the Dorsey Wesley Jr.-directed music video for “Real One,” the lead single from his forthcoming album Almost Time.

The song is the latest power move for Mark Steele, who is still riding the momentum from the placement of his triumphant hit “Greatness” for ESPN’s Sports Center.

“I didn’t invent the term Real One. It’s something we say amongst ourselves in the culture when describing an individual of extreme genuineness and/or loyalty,” Mark Steele explained. “My objective was to shed some light on term as an opportunity to collectively celebrate those who meet the criteria, whether alive or deceased. Spread love for a Real One.”

Mark Steele’s new album Almost Time is will be released on October 28 with guest features from Raheem Devaughn, King Mez, and Rapper Big Pooh.