Rapper NoxBond Has Built An Empire!

NoxBond shows no signs of slowing down!

Independent rapper NoxBond is truly self-made!

As a strategist, connector and playmaker, the artist and entrepreneur connected with the right people along his journey to propel him to success.

As a rapper from Wichita Kansas doing everything in his power to succeed in the music industry, his hustle and tenacity would lead him to crossing paths and meeting and swapping stories with everyone from Desiigner, Big Tigger, Ghazi and more at exclusive events during awards weekends.

It wasn’t just Los Angeles that contributed to NoxBond’s success as he has been almost everywhere on the map creating magic with music executives, celebrities, and DJs.

Genius.com even boasts his resume that includes some very heavy features. Trippie Redd’s fan club even celebrates him in their Discord server, and in their Reddit forum.

How did he get songs with Trippie Redd, Chris Brown and PnB Rock you ask?

He was involved with OVO Ceejay, OVO Ceejay had exclusives that he put NoxBond on, and those exclusives leaked on the internet and blew up.

The songs with Trippie Redd were never released but are somehow on several Youtube channels.

Nox also has several performances under his belt as he’s performed at music festivals such as SXSW. He is also currently on tour with Webbie across the country. He’s been seen on stages from Texas to Kentucky and Oklahoma to Florida.

His star keeps rising, and he’s now amassed a major following of over 350,000 followers. His Spotify numbers are in the millions, he recently received a plaque for having 4 and a half million streams, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

So what is his secret? He isn’t just a rapper. He’s a business magnet and a mogul. When you look  below the surface, you start to understand that this is not a moment, this is a movement. He has achieved the almost impossible task of receiving support from other rappers! He has built an entire industry that operates outside of our traditional music industry. He’s not your typical person. He is audacious and outspoken. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and he doesn’t bite his tongue or play the politically correct games. He doesn’t care about any agenda but his own. He has built an empire. And a lot of people say that, but he has the resume to prove it.

Companies that he single handedly created include : Next Level DJ Coalition, which is the #1 DJ coalition on Google’s search results and has been since 2020, Real Life Music, LLC, which is a record label that is distributed by Universal Music Group via Zarephath Enterprises, LLC, 50/50 Music Group, and has major partnerships with over 100 companies ranging from LiveMixtapes to Facebook and TikTok, and Next Level Model Club, which is a modeling agency designed to bring the models and the music industry together, as well as help aspiring models develop their career. He also has Next Level Promotions, a promotion and marketing company that has its own internal network to drive traffic.

He has signed over 100 other artists to his label, giving them an imprint and the ability to develop and release other artists. He describes his release strategy as a conveyor belt. An automated system designed to break artists and get music in front of record breakers. A lot of people call him Bossman, Boss, Sir, and his most prolific artist is @trillwillisrael , who has over a million followers on Instagram.

Nox has made a lifetime commitment out of creating opportunities for himself and the members of his companies. His new album, ‘It Took Time,’ is coming soon in conjunction with a mixtape ‘Down By Law’  with production from him and his business partner Trill Will’s production company Next Level Media, through the top notch talent of Westoven Beats and Code G On The Beat.

Catch him on tour with @webbietrill @trillwillisrael and @pbepluto and @real_life_lukazi

Follow him on Instagram @RealLifeMusicLLC.