Rapper RT, AKA Rubin Theoc, Is Taking the Rap World by Storm

The success rapper RT has achieved over the years did not come easy. Growing up in a typical American family, RT had to work hard to fund his music career.

Rap has been gradually taking over the music scene in the U.S. because of the artistic liberty it allows. Musicians can weave stories, write poetry, and pour their hearts out while rapping. With this, rap is influencing a whole new wave of mainstream music for young talent in the industry. Contemporary rappers experiment fearlessly to bring a new style and flow to this genre. One such talent is the rapper RT. This young and talented music artist has been storming the electronic music scene for quite a few years. His unique style of rapping has already created an enormous fan base. 

Rubin Theoc, or as he is formally known as RT, was raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He calls both Fort Lauderdale and Miami his home because its diverse music culture has helped him shape his career as a music artist. RT was passionate about music from a very young age. He loved listening to all genres of music and was fascinated by the distinct style and rhythm of each. This appreciation for multiple music genres has helped RT create his unique style of composition that has set him apart from his contemporaries. 

With a career spanning over 12 years, RT has worked relentlessly to hone his craft and present the best to his audience. His mastery over RnB, pop, and hip-hop is behind the seamless cross-genre compositions he creates. RT can blend sounds from different genres to create cutting-edge music that is fresh yet seems familiar to the ears. His ability to glide between genres, taking the best from each of them in a single track, has helped him reach the masses and earn a huge fan base. 

One of the biggest achievements of RT’s career is the release of his debut single, “Party All Night.” The song was ranked at #13 on the Billboard Hot Single Sales. RT’s unique approach to rapping was well-received by fans across the nation, making the song a smash hit. “Party All Night” created a new wave among music enthusiasts who were craving something new and fresh. Besides bringing recognition to RT in the music industry, “Party All Night” also paved the way for his rocking career in the U.S. music scene. 

The distinctive appeal of RT’s music lies in the passion that it reflects. Each of RT’s songs is made for every mood and situation. Through his lyrics, beats, and rhythm, RT successfully connects to the listeners on a deeper level. His songs can make people fall in love once again and also soothe broken hearts. RT’s music can also make people groove to his tunes at a club or party. His music has a universal appeal that resonates with people of all age groups from all walks of life. 

The success rapper RT has achieved over the years did not come easy. Growing up in a typical American family, RT had to work hard to fund his music career. He worked 2 jobs for 2 years to pay for his studio time and marketing. As a newbie in the industry, it was tough for him to carry on without any solid blueprint of his career. However, RT persisted and overcame all these struggles to become the rapper he is today. 

Now, RT wants to inspire others through his music. He wants people to know that following your dreams can be tough, but all that hardship pays off in the end. With that, he will be continuing his journey in the industry for many more years to come, releasing more heart-touching music to his fans.