Rattler on the Rise! losLAUREN 718 is Taking Over the Summer with JABS

losLAUREN 718 wants his listeners to learn from his past mistakes and his experiences.

The newest music sensation losLAUREN 718 is grabbing the attention of everyone near and far. He is from the Bronx, the birthplace of hip-hop! When we asked him what started his music career, he said, “It all started with a rivalry between one of my friends and I. We would compete at everything. One day while hanging out I heard him rap and then I thought to myself, ‘I can do that’.“

losLAUREN 718’s goals in the music industry is to allow for a situation where multiple jobs can be created and generational wealth can be produced. He wants to make it so that he and his friends can hang out every day doing what they love, making music. His biggest dream is to “leave a legacy and become a legend like Noah and the Ark.” Currently, he is an independent artist and is signed to himself, Allergic to Failure LLC. His biggest musical inspiration is where he comes from, New York City. He said, “NYC is a melting pot of culture as well as diversity. I am influenced by Hispanic, Asian, Caribbean, African, and Middle Eastern culture.”

When making his music, losLAUREN 718 typically works with the “home team.” Frequent collaborators that you see on his projects include Grace Vee, Skev Beats, Serious Beats, DeeJay Quality, Paul Womack, Johnny Doc, AJAX Lo and QB Da Problem. He records mainly with his engineer, Thaddeus Dunn at TME Studios. In terms of the future,  the next project that losLAUREN 718 is getting ready to drop is called “JABS.” It’s an EP expected for September. His last step is to complete the final video, which will be shot in Egypt this August. 

losLAUREN 718 wants his listeners to learn from his past mistakes and his experiences. He wants them to be able to relate and understand that there is another person that has experienced the things that they have experienced and that they are not alone. He wants them to know how much he appreciates him and for them to reach out to him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. He would like to also recognize his team, including Serious Beats, DeeJay Quality, Willie Green, G Fat, Alex Chaney and Ben Foster. When he is not making music he enjoys traveling internationally. 

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