Recorded Amidst the Pandemic, YOUNGMAN and Celestaphone’s A YEAR OF OCTOBERS is an Impactful Album

Paul Barman, via none other than his hop-hop lyrics, is known to have invented a word that actually is in the Oxford English Dictionary.

During times of difficulty, we can always learn to appreciate people that produce art and music and bring joy to our lives. The Coronavirus has caused havoc across the world ever since its inception, and sadly enough, not much has changed. People have been feeling demoralized, and the morale has been low as humanity fights this disease together. Careers and jobs have been difficult to carry on with, and people pursuing creative endeavors have it worse because only so much creativity can come out of a four-walled room. 

YOUNGMAN was spawned during conversations with the late MF DOOM and is the alter ego of MC Paul Barman. While the producer, Celestaphone, is from California. Celestaphone and Paul started collaborating in 2019, which finally resulted in their new album, A YEAR OF OCTOBERS. This is an album that mixes two genres, punk, and hip-hop, to create something incredible. A YEAR OF OCTOBERS is destined to drive in many fans for this amazing duo. 

Paul Barman, via none other than his hop-hop lyrics, is known to have invented a word that actually is in the Oxford English Dictionary. The legendary MF DOOM and MC Paul Barman have collaborated together on multiple occasions, 

YOUNGMAN’s debuts album, A YEAR OF OCTOBERS, is end to end produced by Celestaphone, another brilliant collaboration. The album, along with its unique mix, was also very unique in its making. Unlike most studio albums, A YEAR OF OCTOBERS was mostly recorded in non-studio locations. This was just one of the hardships the team faced due to the unsteady situation and growing Covid-19 restrictions. 

Despite any hardships, YOUNGMAN and Celestaphone did not give up. They stuck to their passion and made an incredible album while operating in the most unusual circumstances. They both, however, agree that the distance in communication caused by Covid-19 regulation caused problems for them, resulting in them putting in a lot of extra time and effort to produce the results they wanted. 

However difficult the times may have been, this iconic rapper-producer duo came out of the dust and together made an album that is sure to make its mark. When talking about advice, YOUNGMAN and Celestaphone said that great art can be a healer during times of turmoil and uncertainty. They were speaking from experience and might even be referring to their difficult time producing A YEAR OF OCTOBERS. 

These two have come out and presented the world with their art, and they hope to attract new people and a fresh audience to listen to their music, and they have plans for more music. In a rather dark, gloomy time brought upon by the pandemic, it’s always a breath of fresh air when someone uses their creativity to bring us something we can truly enjoy. YOUNGMAN and Celestaphone have done exactly that.