Recording Artist And Songwriter Artist Domani Releases Video For “Burnout”

Domani New “Time Will Tell”

Domani is back with a brand new banger titled “Burnout.”

As a follow up to his well-received single “Henny and Crystals,” recording artist and songwriter DOMANI will premiere the
video for “Burnout,” the second single off his upcoming SKYDIVE album.

Released on Forever Records through UnitedMasters, “Burnout” is already featured on Spotify’s “Most Necessary” playlist, Burnout is that upbeat summer song we’ve been waiting for.

The track features Shad da god and is produced by MIKEWILLMADEIT.

In Domani’s words, “This song was meant to capture some aspects of how the ‘fast’ life would/does feel- driving fast cars, being young and reckless, and just feeling your self-confidence. Burnout.”

The video is Domani’s visualization of the fast life.

A Homage to the “Fast and the Furious” films, which Domani is a fan of, the visuals are stunning with Domani and Shad da god rapping to the verse while cars are performing burnouts around them.

The ending of the video is a subtle glimpse of how things can be going great and then suddenly change.

Atlanta native, Domani, is navigating the path of standing on his own as an artist and finding his rightful place in the legacy of Southern lyricism.

No stranger to the spotlight, Domani has chosen to step out of it to focus on his music and the results are impressive.

Music became the means by which the Atlanta native, Domani processed life lessons, finding a voice that spoke for others as well as himself.

As he honed his skills, a new sense of duality entered Domani’s life. Domani continues to exceed expectations and further define himself as his own artist.

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