REVIEW: A Look Into PYTI’s Latest 5 Singles


Awarding winning music producer PYTI has a new project that has wowed fans all over. Here is a review.


PYTI is an awarding winning music producer. He was born in Belarus in 1995, and his real name is Alexey Nikitin. PYTI is an alumnus of the Belarusian State Academy of Music, a trained classical musician, and has received various awards at music-related competitions and events. 

His love for EDM began after experimenting with different synthesizers and noticing that his music was in high demand in the show business. PYTI has also repeatedly emphasized that he likes making music because it helps him connect with people. 

Although PYTI has been working on his craft for a long time, it was not until 2021 that he started to get a lot of traction. He has worked with Spain’s Blanco y Negro to release the following songs:


Multiband is an EDM dubstep song. This is the kind of track you want to listen to as you pregame. The kicks and hi-hats start out very chilled, then PYTI incorporates elements that lure you to a moment filled with excitement. When you listen to it carefully, you can also hear hints of hip-hop.

However, the drop in Multiband is expected to EDM and Dub fans. You can tell when it is coming. PYTI masterfully makes up for this by incorporating a very jutting rhythm and lively instrumentals with the drop. Moreover, as the song reaches its climax, PYTI’s talent clearly shows. He manages to layer the licks and instruments so seamlessly that they sound strong but not noisy, a feat most producers take a while to accomplish.  

Night Wish

Night Wish is set on a rainy background, accompanied by what sounds like an opening to a piano jazz piece and the gentle chirping of birds. 

The key that has been used in this song plays cleverly into the already set mood. It makes you feel calm, tender, quiet, and melancholic, like you are in your happy place. It also shows PYTI’s ingenuity in producing by knowing what buttons to push to make you feel a certain way.

The melody plays to the same setting as it is very gentle on the ears. Overall, this song speaks most about what PYTI is about; the need to connect to his listeners’ most basic emotions. 

Move On

Move on is one of two songs among PYTI’s releases that start to incorporate a bit of Pop into his EDM base. The beginning is quite subtle with the use of soft chord progressions. Then, a nice danceable theme emerges when PYTI samples Charamelle Jones’ pop banger, “Let’s move on.”

For PYTI’s fans, one thing that might be unsatisfactory about Move On is that there is no unexpected element. It is a laidback song with a nice beginning, gentle female vocals, a relaxed base, and dotted with piano licks here and there. On the plus side, however, Move On is a song that you won’t get tired of listening to. It is applicable for whatever mood you are in; relaxed, excited, or if you want to get work done.  

Tell Me

Tell me by PYTI is Dance and Electropop piece. His listeners who love to dance will not be disappointed with this song. With this track, PYTI wastes no time and begins the buildup immediately when the music starts with a high tempo rhythm and powerful kicks.

The melody swiftly follows with an almost demure voice that hides the explosion that is about to come. When the beat finally drops, you want to put your headphones on and increase the volume. The different layers in the drop are complex, coming in and out without making it feel too busy and with the vocals “Tell me baby do you ever feel lonely” still shining through. 

You can’t listen to tell me without any reaction; the song demands that you vigorously dance. 

Get High

Get High is another PYTI song that incorporates pop into his EDM base. This reflects his efforts to expand his music and one day work with artists like Justin Bieber. 

The song is set over a delicate, chilled background that isn’t too laid back, nor is it too aggressive. PYTI’s use of the synth also gives a nostalgic yet modern vibe – it sounds like it has been produced in modern times, but somehow the vibe takes you back to original EDM classics. It is a song you would want to play on a late evening drive, a lazy weekend morning, or as the song lyrics go, when “…we find a time to get high.”

Once you listen to all of PYTI’s songs, you will realize that he is a producer who knows what his audience wants to listen to. He knows what elements to add to capture every mood; happiness, melancholy or chilled vibes. He is not just chasing the EDM wave but creating music that is a true extension of who he is.

You should definitely keep your headphones on the ready for PYTI this year. 

Overall: 7/10.