Riichylee Unveils New Single “Trust”

Riichylee just dropped his new single called “Trust.” Take a listen!

Bronx-born rapper Riichylee has “Trust” on his mind as he unveils his latest offering, premiered today exclusively on AllHipHop.

The rapper’s new single is multidimensional in nature and displays his promising future in the rap game, with a melodic flow and unique vibe that sets him apart from artists alike.

Spanish guitars take the bass-knocking track to grand heights as Lee skillfully skates on the infectious tune. The Nimi Hendrix-directed visual stays true to the track’s title and displays him airing out grievances to someone that he once favored… in the most stylish way possible.

Speaking to the track, he says, “This single shines light on how your status tends to be a gift and curse in a relationship. I speak on my status and how my appeal that reels women at the beginning of a relationship leads to trust issues and insecurities after we’re in it.” Without trust, you don’t have anything.”

Riichylee is an independent artist who’s most certain to change the music industry and get his message across to anyone with a set of speakers. In 2020, Riichylee released his debut single, “TPIN” which picked up lots of feedback from YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram after gathering a total of 300K plus views in such little time.

After years of perfecting his craft, Riichylee began to take music seriously, known for his versatility and the ability to be musically diverse, creating witty unique flows and lyrical content in the snap of an eye.

Unlike many, Riichylee likes to freestyle his music for greater content and more feeling-full music.

All eyes remain on Riichylee to see what he has to offer next with his budding stardom.